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Krazy for Kat: Infinity Nursing Scarf

sew chibi

It’s time for another baby gift! Remember that virtual baby shower a few weeks ago for a couple of the #CreativeMamas? Well, we actually had a third mama who was pregnant at the time of our planning. But it was decided that since Kat of Sew Chibi has such a distinctive style, we’d throw a separate party for the new babe that fits her mama’s bright, beautiful personality!

Sweet baby Akira is the newest baby girl in the funky, rainbow world of Sew Chibi! I decided to peruse Kat’s Pinterest page to see what she’s been looking at lately, and I came across a pin for an infinity nursing scarf. I had *just* been admiring a similar scarf, and wishing I had had one when I was nursing, so I decided it was fate, and I was going to make one!

infinity nursing scarf

I was excited to make something for Kat because I felt like I had full license to mix bold patterns and bright colors. I dug through my fabrics and found three light knits in red, orange and a black & white ikat print. I looked around for some tutorials and I found a simple one at diary of a mad crafter. It was good start and I used the dimensions she suggested, but I wanted my infinity nursing scarf to be reversible, so I had to do some tweaking. I decided to use the orange fabric with tiny eyelets as one side, and blocked off the red and ikat for the other side.

infinity nursing scarf

Here it is opened up and hanging off of the shoulders. Baby can easily slip under the cover for a discreet nursing session. Unlike a blanket, this will stay on the shoulders. There are different ways it can be worn to nurse, too. It could hang off of one shoulder and slip under the opposite arm, for example.

infinity nursing scarf

When you’re not breastfeeding, there are so many ways to wear it. You can wear it over your head as a hood and then twist the bottom and loop it over your head to make a nice hooded scarf. Throw on some big old sunglasses and it’s a perfect for Jackie O impressions!

infinity nursing scarf

Or simply wear it hanging long. You can also twist it up as a double layer, or wear it as a shawl. Now, with being reversible and double-sided, it’s definitely a bit bulkier than a traditional scarf. But it’s lightweight, breathable cotton, so it can be worn with tank or thin tee in the warmer months without getting too warm.

Many thanks to Rachael of imaginegnats for organizing this series! And if you get a chance, stop by Sew Chibi and say hello and congratulations to Kat!

Grocery Bag Easter Basket for Boys!

paper bag easter basket

Thanks to Kroger for sponsoring this post! Visit Kroger’s DIY Easter board on Pinterest to get more ideas for Easter!

It’s time for Easter baskets! It drives me crazy when I want to make a gift basket and the basket costs more than the stuff I fill it with. Especially with kids’ Easter baskets. This year, I decided to save a few bucks and make my own Easter baskets for the boys using grocery bags. First, credit where credit is due, I learned how to do this paper braiding technique from on Scrapbooks, Etc. I looked at many paper weaving and braiding tutorials, and this one seemed really easy to do. I just made it much BIGGER to create this Easter basket. See the tutorial after the jump!

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Sequins Embellished Tee!

sequins t-shirt and bangles

When we moved from SoCal to Charlottesville, VA, we took in some of my parents’ old stuff that had been sitting in storage for many years. And when I say “some stuff” I mean about 7,000 lbs. of furniture, Christmas lights, kitchen supplies, china, crystal, Turkish rugs, all of my family albums, etc. We still haven’t unpacked all of it. One of the things I just found in one of the drawers was a couple of Ziplock plastic baggies full of these babies:

strands of sequins

That, my friends, is sequins. Vintage sequins, strung up in gorgeous strands of pastels, neons and deep jewel tones. Just look at how pretty they are! Like candy.

strands of vintage sequins

I took like 100 pictures of these, but I’ll stop here at the two. So, why all the sequins? In the late 80s, my mom went through a pretty serious sequins and beading phase. She used to sit in front of the television with needle and thread in hand, and she would embellish and embroider our blouses with beads and sequins. Sometimes she did freehand designs of swirls and flowers. But often, she’d buy a graphic tee and embellish it with the very same sequins in that plastic bag that was stuffed into a drawer. So, I decided to do it, too!

elephant graphic tee

I picked up this t-shirt at Target and got to work. If you’ve never handsewn sequins before, you should check out this tutorial on Melly Sews. I chose a few colors and went to town adding some sparkle to this t-shirt. Here’s what it looks like now:

sequins elephant t-shirt

All glammed up! And here’s me looking into a glowing orb that portends the future:

sequins t-shirt

Do you know what I see? I see me showing you how I made those cute bangles I’m wearing! When I saw those pretty strands of sequins, I wanted to wear them just as they were. So I made some sequins bracelets! Check out the tutorial in my next post!

How to Make Sequin Bangles!

This post contains affiliate links.

sequin bracelets tutorial

When I found a bag of my mom’s strands and strands of vintage sequins, I wanted to wear them just as they were. I tried stringing them a few different ways, but using wire was ultimately my favorite method.

Sequin Bangles Tutorial

You will need:
Sequins (You can also search for “vintage sequins strands” on Etsy and/or eBay)
Beading wire (22-26 gauge wire, depending on the size of the hole in the sequins)
Jewelry making tools (round and flat nose pliers, wire cutters)

sequins bracelet tutorial

Make sure your wire is thin enough to fit though the hole in your sequins. Choose the thickest wire you can that still fits, since a thinner wire will be more prone to breakage. Cut off a piece of wire several inches longer than the desired size of the final bracelet. Use round nose pliers to make a loop and wrap the ends around the wire a few times.

sequins bracelet tutorial

String sequins onto the wire, making sure they are all facing the same direction if you are using cup sequins. Fill the wire with sequins until it is about 1″ shorter than the desired final size. So for a 7″ bracelet, you want 6″ of stacked sequins. Important – make sure the sequins are not packed too tightly. Not only will this make it difficult to bend into a bangle, they also won’t catch the light as well if they are too tight.

sequins bracelet tutorial

At the end of your wire, fold it back about an inch past the end of the sequins.

sequins bracelet tutorial

Wrap the wire around itself at the base and cut off extra wire. Then use roundnose pliers to bend the end into a hook.

sequins bracelet tutorial

That’s it! They are really gorgeous to wear. At first glance, they don’t look sparkly or glitzy at all, but the edges catch the light beautifully. I especially love the combination of the transparent and opaque sequins. When the sun hits just right, the neon yellow transparent sequins I used lets the light to glow through.

Handmade Baby Gift: Skunk Baby Lovey!

handmade baby gift skunk lovey

Look at this guy. He’s a pretty cute baby guy. A few years ago, I was the Matron of Meyhem for this baby’s mama. I made a pretty sweet cake topper for the happy couple from Shrinky Dinks, and now they’ve gone and made a baby! And what’s that in his lap? That’s a little handmade skunk lovey I made for the cute little stinker. I’m guest posting today over on Small & Friendly with the tutorial while my other friend Carla goes and makes yet ANOTHER baby. Babies! They’re taking over everything!

Go over to Small & Friendly to see the full tutorial for this handmade baby gift.

WordPress Move!

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Transfer a Photo to Wood!

I just love this photo of my boys, and I love it even more on wood! I used my inkjet printer and a few everyday craft supplies to do it. Check out the tutorial on Spoonful for the how-to. Thanks to HP for sponsoring this post!

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Essential Sewing Reference Tool Book Tour and a Giveaway!

This post was sponsored by The Scientific Seamstress and contains Amazon Affiliate links. I was recently gifted an e-copy of Essential Sewing Reference Tool: All-in-One Visual Guide  by Carla Hegeman Crim (a.k.a. The Scientific Seamstress) and asked to review the book and share my thoughts about it. Now, I’ve been a fan of The Scientific Seamstress forContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Mountain Pillows!

When I saw MerMag‘s mountain pillow tutorial on Design*Sponge, I knew I needed some mountains on my couch. I started looking at bunches of other variations on the theme on Pinterest, and I pinned a few of my favorites on my Home Design board. Check it out, if this idea tickles your fancy!Continue Reading

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