Perfect Gift Wrapping Tutorial, Part 2: Wrapping Your Gift

Are you guys excited? I can feel it! Let’s get started:

Wrap your giftwrapping paper around the long side of your box until it covers the whole thing. Give yourself an extra inch or so of overlap, and mark the wrap where you will cut it.

Move your box aside and line up the top edges of your gift wrap, creasing the paper where you made your cut mark. This will give you a nice, straight cutting guide.

Open the paper up and cut along your crease. You can use your box as a weight if the paper begins to curl.

Turn both your cut piece of wrapping paper AND your box 90 degrees. Place the box so the long edge is neatly lined up along the top edge of your wrapping paper. Position the box so that you can fold the wrapping paper up the short side of the box and it extends past the top edge by about an inch.

You can use the second part of your index finger to approximate one inch.

On the other side of the box, make a cut mark 1/2 to 1 inch out from the edge of the box.

Line up the top edges of your paper and fold at the mark you just made.

Open the paper and cut along the crease. Again, use your box, roll of tape, etc. as a weight if the paper curls too much.

Turn the box AND paper 90 degrees. Position the box in the center of your wrapping paper, top side down.

Neatly fold one edge of the paper about 1/4 inch.

Like this.

Wrap the box around the long side with the folded edge you just made on top. Look at the top and bottom edges of the paper–they should line up as cleanly as possible. If you shift the box, double check that it is still centered on the paper, and you have an equal amount of paper overhang on the short sides of the box.

Use one piece of tape to secure. One piece. One. Piece.

Fold in the sides of the paper to make triangles. Make sure you don’t push your box back when doing this.

It should look like this.

Fold the bottom flap edge about 1/4 inch. Remember that your gift is upside down, so when you flip it over, this will be the top flap.

Fold down the top flap (which is the bottom of your gift) and hold it tightly.

Fold up the bottom flap (with the folded edge) and secure with one (ONE) piece of tape.

Now you have one side neatly wrapped!

Flip your box up on the end you just finished and gently push it down.

Fold in the edges to make flaps like you did on the other side. Keeping the box on it’s end like this will ensure a nice, tight wrapping job.

Fold the edge of the flap that is on the top side of your box about 1/4 inch. Fold the bottom flap in, then the top flap with the folded edge. Secure with one piece of tape.

Run your fingers in a gentle “pinch” around all of the edges of your box. These creases all around will give a crisp, finished look.

You now have a perfect, professionally wrapped present!

Tomorrow is our final session–Part 3: Finishing Touches. I’ll show you how to tie the ribbon on and make pretty bow.

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8 Responses to Perfect Gift Wrapping Tutorial, Part 2: Wrapping Your Gift

  1. wow. you make this seem much more complicated that i think it is….

    i do the same, but usually just cut a jagged line to the length of the short side, and fold that over so that it’s a nice side, then i do the foldy envelope thing on one short end, then trim the opposite short end and fold it.

    probably doesn’t look as amazing, but…

  2. Holy Crap. You’re making me feel bad about tearing all the wrapping paper off after shaking the box vigorously and going, “WHAT COULD IT BE? WHAT COULD IT BE?” and not even looking at the wrapping job. As far as I’m concerned, presents for me can be wrapped in toilet paper.

  3. Au contraire, Mirandy dear! It’s actually MUCH less complicated if you take the time to cut the paper to the proper size before you do any folding. Less “Oh crap!” moments and a cleaner look than trying to cut the ends off after your paper is already wrapped around the package.

  4. I love this tutorial. Even though I do know how to wrap presents, so many people don’t. I am so tempted to send this tutorial to all the people who don’t! ;)

    (hi I found your blog via Totally Tutorials where this post is featured. :) )

  5. I love to wrap a present “properly” – but have never thought to fold a seam at the edges…
    Thanks for the tip.
    … It is a shame though, that people don’t always appreciate the care you’ve taken to wrap their gift…

  6. Thanks! The wrapping paper was from Cost Plus World Market. It was from Fall 2009, though, so I’m not sure if it is still available. If not, they have tons of other beautiful wrapping papers.

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