Skirt Inspiration & Tutorials – Aline, Wrap and Simple Skirts

I saved the easiest for last! These skirts are all simple to sew projects–great if you are short on time, or new to sewing.  Today is my last day of sharing tutorials.  I have updated my sidebar (you’ll have to come on over to the real blog if you’re looking at this through a feed reader :) with links to each of the Skirt Inspiration & Tutorial posts from this week, as well as links to the Flickr group page where you can share your completed projects, and the “official” rules.  By the way, since there is no judging and no winner, the “rules” are actually “guidelines.”  If you miss a week, or jump the gun and post early, I won’t send anyone to break your knees.  This is intended to be a personal, fun challenge and sew along, so no pressure but what you put on yourself.

Reversible Wrap Skirt by Andrea DeHart on Craft
This is a great tutorial that actually offers two versions of this skirt–one for beginners and one for intermediate/advanced sewers.  I love reversible clothing.  It’s the perfect solution for Mommy wear–if you get covered in a snot bomb you can run to the Ladies and flip your skirt around!

Wrap Skirt by Bethany on Sew, Mama, Sew
This is an easy, basic wrap skirt.  The tutorial is great because it shows you how to draft your own pattern, too, so you can make several of these if you like this style.

Easy Gauze A-line Skirt with Sash by Destri on Simply Modern Mom
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–I love skirts made from knit fabric.  T-shirt and gauze fabrics are the most comfortable style for the summer. This one is really versatile, and it has a nice drape to it.

Simple Circle Skirt on Better Homes and Gardens
This is a simple design which has the patchwork feel without all of the sewing that goes into making a patchwork skirt.  It is basically six triangles sewn together into a circle and then hemmed.  Again, I love this color combo (like the two-color a-line tee skirt from yesterdays post).

5-Minute Skirt by Amy Karol of Angry Chicken
Alright, so everybody and dey mama links to Angry Chicken, so maybe you’ve already seen this one.  But there’s a reason Amy Karol is so popular among craft bloggers, and this is just another example.  This is as simple as it gets.  This is the one to make when you find that you were gonna do the challenge, but now it’s Sunday afternoon and you don’t have time.  Well, now you have time!  Thanks, Angry Chicken!

Today’s Sweet Hot Tip:

How to make a built-in slip or lining for an a-line skirt with elastic waistband by bookwormbethie
Well, what else do you need to know?  The title says it all.

And that’s a wrap on the tutes!  I hope you guys have enjoyed all of the inspiration!  Have a fun week of sewing.  I can’t wait to see the skirts!

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