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Hello, everybody! The traffic on this site has been nuts since I did my tutorial for Celebrate the Boy. Thank you for coming on over and visiting. I hope some of you will stay awhile!

While I have your attention, I wanted to put in a quick plug for a new Etsy Team I just started called The Blog & Sponsor Connection. The focus of the team is to connect shops with bloggers and make it easier for everyone to find sponsorship opportunities that are mutually beneficial.
Here is the team description:

This is a place for you to find blogs that fit your sponsorship needs. Find blogs that want to showcase your shop and products, host a giveaway or place your ad on a blog that fits your target audience.

This is a place for you to find potential sponsors your blog. Find Etsy sellers who are looking to place ads or who want blogs to sponsor giveaways and/or reviews of their shops and products. Talk about what your blog is about, show your statistics and sponsorship information pages.

(Please note that this Team is about seeking and finding sponsorship opportunities. For other “blog talk” about the ins and outs of blogging, promoting recent blog posts, critiquing blogs, etc., please join one of the many awesome Etsy blogging support teams. We want to keep the board as on-topic as possible so that potential sponsors have an easy time finding you :)

So if you have a blog or an Etsy shop, please check it out and sign up!

2 Responses to The Blog & Sponsor Connection

  1. RAd. I signed up, as both Flying Panda (which is old and i didn’t mean to) and Nude Soap (which is new and has no content thus far).
    I look forward to developing the nude soap etsy… and for now will get more involved on the blogging end.

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