Felted Goodies Swap

I recently did a swap with Miranda from An Austin Homestead. Miranda  is a chickeneer (I have no idea what to call people who raise backyard chickens). She had admired a felted chicken I made awhile back, but I had already given that one away. So I decided to make her one that doubles as a pincushion. I based this design on one of her actual chickens, Olive.

The second thing I threw in was a bar of felted soap. I used a lovely, soft un-dyed roving and basically followed a technique I found online. When it was all dry, I wrapped the bar several times with a 100% wool yarn, which should felt into the bar as it is used. At least, that’s the theory I have!

As for my package from Miranda, she send me some of her killer tomato relish, and I had to restrain myself from eating the whole jar (not because I wanted to stop, but because it seemed unbecoming of a lady to stand in her kitchen and shovel relish into her mouth. Appearances, darling, always keep up appearances!). She also threw in a jar of her “secret” seasoning salt that I slathered onto last nights slow-cooked roast. Yum! And she topped off the package with goodies from her Nude Soap line of soaps and lotions, which you should check out if you want to be soft and smell nice!

4 Responses to Felted Goodies Swap

  1. My Hideaway says:

    That chicken is so cute!!!

  2. I second that emotion, Hideaway!

  3. Carol Browne says:

    Adorable! Your Olive chicken is terrific. Love it.

  4. Kala says:

    Very cute chicken:)

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