Child-Sized Costume Boxing Gloves Tutorial!

This year for Halloween Milo wants to be “a punching guy.” So I’m making him a Boxer costume. I searched and searched, but I had a really hard time finding a template for boxing gloves online, so I made my own and want to share it with you here. Please keep in mind that these are costume boxing gloves only! They are lightweight and not intended for use in the ring. The template I made is one-size fits all, and fits comfortably on both my 3 year-old and my 5 year-old. My hand can even squeeze in there (although it is tight), so this would probably work for kids up until about age 10 or so. You could enlarge the templates if you need to size-up.

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Child-Sized Costume Boxing Gloves Tutorial

Child-Sized Costume Boxing Gloves Templates: Page 1 Page 2  Page 3

1/3 yard light-weight costume pleather
1/3 yard soft cotton flannel
8 large eyelets (and eyelet tool)
1 yard cording
Clear tape

Thread in contrasting color
Sewing machine

1. Print out the templates and tape together pages 2 and 3, matching at the dots indicated. Cut out your templates.

2. Fold your pleather in half, right sides together, them pin down and cut out templaye pieces 1 (glove palm), 3 (glove back) and 4 (thumb back). Fold soft cotton flannel in half, pin down and cut out a lining for the gloves using piece 1(glove palm).

This is what the pieces for the right glove should look like.
The opposite-facing pieces will be fore the left glove.

3. Tape piece 2 (guide to stitches, cut, eyelets for lacing) on top of the pleather glove palm (placement indicated by the gray line on the piece 1 template). Using piece 2 as a guide, use thread in a contrasting color to stitch as close to the guide as possible. I used a decorative stitch that made a thicker line.

4. Cut a slit up the center of the glove palm as indicated by the dotted line on piece 2. Carefully fold and make a narrow hem the edges of the cut you just made. This part can be tricky. I found it easiest to fold the fabric and lower my needle into it to hold it in place, then adjust the fold and lightly keep my finger pressing down the fabric as I sewed.

5. With right sides together, attach piece 4 (thumb back) to piece 3 (glove back).

6. Set your machine’s stitch length as long as it will go and without back-stitching, follow the guide on the template (about 1/8″ in from edge) to stitch all the way around the thumb back and leave some extra thread. Do the same following the guide on the glove back.

7. Carefully pull on the bobbin-side thread to gather up fabric on the thumb and glove back until the edges line up with the glove palm edges.

8. With right sides together, pin the glove back to the glove palm, adjusting the gathered material so that the pieces fit together nicely. Stitch all the way around with 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving only the bottom edge open. Trim all of the excess thread.

9. Place the cotton flannel lining glove palm on top of the pleather glove palm and stitch it on within the seam allowance, again leaving the bottom open. Turn the glove, making sure to turn through the facing pleather pieces so that the pleather is on the outside with the lining on the inside of the glove.

10. It should really be starting to look like a boxing glove now! Attach the eyelets to the glove next to the slit according to the guide on piece 2. Follow the package directions to attach the eyelets.

11. Stuff the glove with poly fill between the lining and the glove back. Shape it appropriately, adding more stuffing to the thumb and top part of the glove, and just a little stuffing to the lower part. Make sure that it fits well and isn’t too tight.

12. Fold the bottom hem of the back glove piece up and over the edge of the lining. Since pleather won’t fray, you only need to fold it up once and not twice. Pin in place. Hem the entire bottom edge, making sure the lining fabric is securely tucked into the hem.

13. Use clear tape to seal the ends of your cording and prevent fraying. Cut it in half and lace up each boxing glove with 1/2 yard of cording.

14. Put up yer dukes!

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