Dreadful Girl

I opened up a new Etsy shop called Dreadful Girl! This shop is a little bit more…maturely themed than Stinky Boy. Hmm. That makes it sound like I’m carrying porn or something. I’m not! Rest assured! It does carry indiscreet zip pouches for your feminine products. Some are kinda cringe-worthy, but those seem to be the ones that are getting the most hearts, so go figure! I will also keep my tissue cozies in this shop. Including the ever-popular “you have a booger” cozy.
Stinky Boy will still be around, and I have a bunch of half-finished Monster Bags that are waiting for me to get my lazy butt to the store to buy some belting for handles. I also really want to get some patterns in there for things like my Toy Holster. And as soon as I manage those, that shop will be filled up, too! In the meantime, check out Dreadful Girl! Good stuff in there if you’re looking for a funny little gift or stocking stuffers!

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