Guest Post! Baby Leggings by Malinda of Dahlhart Lane!

Today my guest is Malinda of Dahlhart Lane. Malinda is sharing an easy tutorial for making baby leggings from an old t-shirt. I love this idea, because when Huck was a duck one year, I had an impossible time finding leggings that looked good with his costume. I wish I had seen this tutorial then! Here’s Malinda:

A picture of my niece wearing my son’s pumpkin costume from several years back.
In 2008 I decided that my son HAD to be a pumpkin for Halloween and to show off his cute chubby limbs, he NEEDED a tight green and striped number to be worn under his costume. Try as I might, I could not find what I was hoping for. Just before the big day, I trotted over to our local thrift store, bought a green and white stripped knit tee and made it work! Since there are so many adorable costumes out there that don’t come with leggings, I thought I would share how I made mine in hopes of helping your Halloween dreams come true, too!
When making leggings, I like to use knit fabrics because of their nice stretch. You can buy a knit fabric that you like, but more often than not, I find what I am looking for at a much cheaper price with a used t-shirt in our closet or from a thrift store. Plus, with a shirt, you already have the edges finished already so it is one less thing you have to worry about! 
When You get your fabric, take a pair your child’s pants (I like using pajama bottoms since they are usually a little more form fitting) and turn them inside out. Fold them so one leg is on top of the other and place them on your shirt or folded fabric like so:
 Make sure that the outside edge or your leggings is on the folded edge of your fabric. Cut two of pieces.
Open both cut pieces up and place one on the other with right side’s facing in. Pin the two top sides together and sew.
Then match the freshly sewn edges together so that your shape now resembles pant legs. Pin and sew along the inside of the legs.
Fold about an inch of your top down and sew along the edge. Be sure do leave enough room in this fold for your elastic to fit through. Also be sure to leave an inch open so that you can string your elastic.
Put a safety pin on the end of your elastic (if you using a shorter piece, pin the other side to your leggings so that you don’t accidently pull the whole thing through) and string it through your waist.
When done, sew two ends of elastic together:
Go after you get the elastic waist just as you like, go back and sew shut the opening you left for stringing your elastic. And then you are all done! Hot dog! Now your little one is all set for Halloween night! 
If you are interested in seeing what costume I am having my baby wear his leggings with this year, come by my blog, where I’ll be revealing his costume in the next couple of days!

Malinda has a bunch of other fun Halloween and costume posts on her blog, including really, really terrific Batman & Robin costumes made from men’s t-shirts, a DIY paper mache pumpkin tote, a Hungry Little Caterpillar infant costume (oh, my, this is cute!) and the cutest little lion costume you’ve ever seen. And there’s even more that I’m not listing here. Go poke around, you’ll be glad you did!

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