Capes for Milo’s Preschool

A couple of years ago, Huck was invited to join a preschool group at Autism Partnership as a Peer Helper. Since Huck isn’t autistic, his role was (and continues to be) to be a behavior model and to help the kids there develop their social skills. Now that Milo is almost four, he has also been invited to join the program as a Peer Helper, and he has started going twice a week to a school-preparation Social Skills group. I am beyond thrilled because this is probably one of the best preschool programs in the county. The teachers are incredible, highly-trained professionals, and even though I have “typical” kids, this program teaches them how to get along with other kids, communicate their needs and make good choices. All for free for my little “volunteers.”
As a “thank-you” back in 2010, I gifted Huck’s class with a bunch of capes that I thought would be used occasionally for dress-up play, but ended up being used every day for when a child reached “Super Kid” status. The staff asked me if I could make a new set of capes for the kids this year. I was more than happy to do so, and I finally finished a set of ten capes and delivered them today.

I went for a gender-neutral color pallete of primary colors and mixed bold stripes, stars, circles and solids together with a simple star applique on the back of each. Last time I made the capes from shiny materials, but I found that a bit difficult to work with. I also wanted to make sure the new capes would be really durable and washable for regular use over time. I’m very happy with the way they turned out, and it was fun to pick Milo up from school today and see all of the little Super Kids in the new capes!

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  1. How awesome!  I work in a preschool with special needs kids – mostly autistic and what a lovely program.  We have peers but they are quite a bit older – loving this idea and the capes – Super Awesome!!

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