Every once in awhile I have a have a moment of genius. A few days ago, I started digging around in my pantry for a healthy snack, and this is what I ended up with:

That’s right. It’s a S’MOreo! Marshmallow toasted over a gas burner and smooshed between the two halves of an Oreo cookie with Nutella slathered on one side. (What? I said I was looking for a healthy snack, didn’t I ;)
So, I thought this was my Million Dollar Idea, but if you Google “smoreos” it turns out that tons of people have been geniuses before me. But, still! S’MOreos!

8 Responses to S’MOreos!

  1. Rae Telford says:

    oooh, I did this after getting Cakespy’s book, and I Loved it.  It’s especially awesome with trader joe’s candy cane jojos.  Life changing :) 

  2. liza jane says:

    Yum.  This is total torture for someone who started cutting out sugar today….

  3. Sam Ellison says:

    Please give me that. Please. OMG please.

  4. Birdeena Fleck says:

    YUM!  And you make me laugh :o)  You went to the pantry for a healthy snack…hahahaa :o)

  5. Mikayla says:

    Ready to make this with my mom!

  6. Amanda says:

    These look ridiculously yummy!

  7. Well, you are a genius! And so are the other people who thought of this before you! I’ll be trying it with chocolate instead of nutella! Great post!

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