Eat Make Grow Thursday #11

Welcome to this week’s Eat Make Grow Blog Hop where you share what you have been eating with your family, growing in your garden or making with all your creative impulses. Eat Make Grow is a collective link party that is shared across three blogs and runs every Thursday-Tuesday. Whichever blog that you choose to link up your post, it will show up on all three sites! Eat Make Grow is a way to share with many people posts about your domestic doings, whether that’s growing veggies, hosting parties, sewing, mixing up cleaning supplies, or trying out a new recipe. We want to learn about it! Every week, we will feature the most popular link, and one chosen by the the host. This week, your host is Marigold.

Your Hosts:

We’re not big fans of rules so there are just two of them:
1. No big corporation or business advertising or promotional posts. Let’s not dilute Eat Make Grow with junky posts. We don’t mind helping out the little home grown businesses of independent bloggers or handmade merchants (Etsy, etc.).

2. Please link your posts back to one of the hosting blogs. This is a common blog hop courtesy. This link helps build the Eat Make Grow community by sending your readers to all of the other participants’ posts. We will feature two posts each week and we will only consider posts that have a link back. A text link is fine, or you can grab this button and put it anywhere on your blog:

Hello, all! Marigold of Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! here. I have to say, you guys are really getting me into the Autumn spirit with all of the yummy recipes and spooky crafts that popped up on last week’s hop! There were all kinds of pumpkin and cinnamon and apple and stew stuff happening. I like it!
One quick thing I’d like to mention before sharing this week’s features. Did you guys know that in addition to our Featured Bloggers Pinterest board, we also have an Eat Make Grow Posts That Inspire Pinterest board? Throughout the week, Foy, Miranda and I all pin our favorites to this board so that we can share our favorites with each other and our followers. So even if your post isn’t featured here on the blogs, your recipes and projects may be getting pinned and repinned :)

Let’s get to this week’s features:

This week’s most visited link was Odd Little Creatures by Bella of ArtClubBlog. These creepy-cute creatures made me smile.  I love that it is low-concept and super easy with a perfectly spooky effect! Check out the simple how-to on the ArtClubBlog.

So, first, I should confess that I am on an empty stomach as I choose this week’s host’s choice post. I have been absolutely drooling over all of the delicious recipes you guys linked up! But in the end, I had to pick these Better-for-You Burger Buns from Denise of Whole Made Goodness. I love, love, love homemade bread. Maybe it’s because my grandmothers were such skilled bakers, but the smell of baking bread, the warmth of that first bite…perfection! This recipe is gorgeous. She shows us an interesting technique for rolling the buns to give your bread a beautiful, airy texture. I’m excited to try this one!

Is one of these featured posts yours? Grab our “Featured Blogger” button to post on your blog and show off how cool you are. You can also visit our Pinterest Eat Make Grow Featured Bloggers pin board to see some of our past favorites.

7 Responses to Eat Make Grow Thursday #11

  1. Dimes2Vines says:

    Thanks for hosting again! Today I shared Butternut Squash Pancakes which is a great way to use up the butternut our garden produces!
    You might also enjoy “The Truth About Raw Milk”

    Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for hosting! I shared my recipe for “Twice-Baked” Faux-tatoes. Made from cauliflower, they are a delicious and low-carb alternative to potatoes.

  3. Wow … what a surprise when checking in with you all today to see that my burger buns are loved. Uber thanks! This week I’m sharing a great ham and potato casserole recipe as well as the Autumn Harvest bread we made last week.

    Julia’s Ham and Potato Gratin with Dijon-Garlic Sauce
    Autumn Harvest Bread

    As always, thanks for hosting such a great hop and have a great week!

    • Hi, Denise! You’re too quick for me! I was just about to start pinning and notifying our featured bloggers this week. Thanks for your yummy post last week. That ham and potato gratin picture is killing me, too :) We finally got some real fall weather and that looks just about right for dinner…

  4. Very sweet of you to feature my odd little creatures. Thank you so much, and also for hosting your weekly party that allows us all to share ideas!

  5. I just added your featured button to my blog, but it doesn’t link back to it. Instead, it opens on a page showing the button. No good for you :(
    Your blog hop button works just fine so I’ll use that one instead.

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