Help Me Get to Alt Summit!

Hi! If I ask really, really nicely, could you take three seconds to help me out? Pretty please with sugar on top, I need you to click anywhere on this post and repin this pic. Pretty, pretty pretty please? Just click any word in this whole post and hit the repin button in the top corner. That’s right. I made the entire post a link to my pin because I want you to click on it and repin really, really badly.
I’m trying to win tickets to not only go to the sold out Alt Summit Conference in Salt Lake City, but also host a Design Camp of the design this entire post links to. Aren’t you curious what it is? Click and find out! And while you’re there, re-pin it! 
Seriously, it would be beyond thrilling for me to go to this conference and meet some of my favorite crafty bloggers, and share my own work. So just clickity click and repin! Thanks! You’re the best! You really are!

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  1. Done and I so hope you win! And then make sure to remind me you’ll be in my neck of the woods so we can squeeze in some hang out time it would be so so great to say hi in person finally!

  2. Oh my god, how can we say no to that plea?? Pinning :D

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