Tea Towels for Mei Mei and A Big Thank You!

My little niece  Mei Mei, thinks of me as her own personal sweat shop. She tells me what she wants, and I have to make it. Now. She could care less about my no-customs-EVER-seriously-I-mean-it policy, and somehow she manages to break me every time. If you’ve been here for awhile, you’ve seen the multiple aprons I have made for her for her play kitchen. This time she asked me for demanded tea towels.

So, despite all of the work that I have piled up this week, I dropped everything last night to make these two tea towels for my darling little Mei Mei. I used simple, unbleached muslin and did super simple machine embroidery for the bunting line and balloon strings. The bunting flags and balloons are stamped on. And, finally, I made the little duck illos, stars and wrote her name in fabric marker.

And, one more thing I have to tell you about! Do you remember my pathetic plea to have you re-pin a project for me to help me win tickets and teach a Design Camp at Alt Summit this January? Well, I won! I couldn’t believe it, and I seriously felt all my blood drain from my head and almost fainted right here at my computer when I saw the email. I’m not kidding, I was that excited! So thank you, thank you, thank YOU to everyone who helped me get this amazing opportunity. I promise I will be a complete dork and gush all over my favorite bloggers!
The other two winners made pretty awesome projects, too. So definitely check them out!

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  1. liza jane says:

    Those tea towels are super cute!

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