Crafting for Sandy Hook

Like many of you, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary has left me tearful, heartbroken and uncertain of how to help. How do I reach out? Giving money to a charity doesn’t feel like I am doing enough.
And then this morning someone reached out to me about a project called Capes for Kids. She wanted to use a picture I took of capes for Milo’s preschool in a flyer for their cause.
And it finally dawned on me: I can help by helping you help. I have a platform here that reaches thousands of crafty, talented folks who would love nothing more than to give something from their hearts, made by their hands to the kids and families of Newtown.
Below I’ve compiled a list of handmade projects benefiting the families of Sandy Hook Elementary and the Newtown community. If you know of a project, please add a link in the comments and I will add it to the list. 
Capes for Kids
Capes for Kids is accepting donations of handmade capes for the survivors and the children in the Newtown community. If you don’t sew, monetary donations are also being accepted to help purchase capes. Visit the Capes for Kids Facebook Page for updates and more info.
Beanies for Brave Students
Snappy Tots is accepting donations of hand-knitted beanies in the Sandy Hook school colors. If you don’t knit, you can “adopt a box” for $15 to help ship the handmade beanies. Please visit the blog for more info. 
Binky Patrol
Binky Patrol distributes handmade blankets for kids in need of comfort. They are collecting donations for Newtown kids. Visit their page on Volunteer Match for more info.
Pillowcases for Sandy Hook

Quilter’s Corner in New Millford, CT is collecting handmade pillowcases. Visit the Quilter’s Corner website for more info.
Animals for Newtown
FreshStitches is teaming up the Happily Hooked on Crochet Club of Danbury, CT to donate handmade stuffed animals to the kids of Newtown. Toys may be knit, crochet or sewn. Visit FreshStitches and/or Happily Hooked on Crochet Club for more info.
Cards of Love and Encouragement
Cards of Love & Encouragement will be sending cards to the teachers and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary. They don’t have to be handmade, but it is encouraged. This would be a great one to do if you have kids who would like to reach out to the kids of Sandy Hook. Visit Me & My Silly Family for more info.
Drawn Together
Amber of Damask Love is collecting art supplies to be used in creative kits for the Newtown Youth & Family Services Center. The center provides counselling and support to children and their families. Visit Damask Love for more info.
Snowflakes for Sandy Hook
image via Instructables: How to make a 3d snowflake
This is another fun, easy project you can do with your kids. The Connecticut PTSA is requesting handmade paper snowflakes to make a winter wonderland for Sandy Hook. Visit the Connecticut PTSA website for more info.
Other sites to check out:
Crafting for Cause
If you’re unable to make a handmade contribution, there are a number of handmade shops donating a portion of profits to charities for Newtown. Visit Crafting for Cause for a list or to add your own links.
Cookies and Crafts for Sandy Hook
On Friday, December 21st, Crazy for Crust is hosting a blog hop and asking bloggers to share a craft or recipe and a tribute to Sandy Hook. They have also compiled a list of  shops and businesses supporting Sandy Hook. Visit Crazy for Crust for more info.

I hope you can find something on this list that you can contribute to. And, please, if you know of any other handmade projects benefiting Sandy Hook Elementary and Newtown, share the link in the comments below. 

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