Mini Piñata Tutorial – Cinco de Mayo Dancing Girls!

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I have always loved the colorful dresses worn by the dancers at Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and I thought it would be cute to make some mini piñatas that look like the dancers. Your guests would love to find one of these lovely ladies sitting at each place setting for your Cinco de Mayo party. They could easily be adapted for other celebrations, too. Imagine them in soft pink for a ballerina party, or in natural tones with fairy wings. So many adorable possibilities! Check out the full tutorial and more pictures after the jump!
Mini Piñatas Tutorial

Materials & Supplies
Empty toilet paper cardboard tubes
Tissue paper
Masking tape
White school glue
Small candies & prizes

Layer three 3-inch squares of tissue paper and Cut out a circle of tissue paper that is slightly larger than the opening of the cardboard toilet paper tube. This pic shows you an easy way to do that.
Place the layered circles of tissue paper over one end of the t.p. tube and wrap a 6″ piece of masking tape all around the edges.
Fill the open end of the tube with small candies and prizes.

Repeat the process using circles of tissue paper in black to seal the other end. Make sure you don’t put your masking tape flush with the edge of the cardboard tube-you want to let the black hang down over the edge just a little bit. Your t.p. tube should now look like this.

Make the bottom layer of the skirt. Cut a 6″ piece of masking tape put it sticky-side up on the table. Tape a fringed piece of tissue paper for it. (For metallic tissue like this one, make sure you place it shiny-side down).  Fold a long (maybe 11″ x 4″) piece of tissue paper in half lengthwise and cut scallops along the open end. Stick the folded end to the tape just above the fringed tissue, gently pleating every inch or so.

Wrap the tape around the bottom of the t.p. tube and let it hang off the bottom by about 1/4″. Remember to keep all of your seams in the back by starting at ending at the same place.
Open up the double layer of tissue the orange tissue pictured above), gently spreading and pushing it up so that it flares out from the base.
Make a second layer of the skirt the same way. This time I cut out bunting-style triangles instead of fringe, and I used a wider and longer piece of red tissue, pleating it every 1/2″ instead of every 1″ to make it a fuller layer.

Tape it above the bottom skirt layer and flair it out by separating the layers of tissue paper. The skirt is finished!

Now let’s make the bodice. Cut a 6″ x 3″ rectangle of tissue and fold it in half lengthwise to get a 6″ x 1.5″ rectangle. Apply white glue to the t.p. tube and then wrap the tissue all the way around with the folded edge touching the top of the skirt and being sure to cover up any visible masking tape.

Add a ruffle or fringe piece to the top of the bodice. Using a 6″ piece of masking tape, sticky side up, place the fringe close to the edge of the tape and then wrap it around the tube. The masking tape should go over the masking tape that was already there holding the black hair piece in place.

Make some hair and hair accessories. You can just scrunch up black tissue, or try this method to make a pretty poof. Fold a long rectangle of tissue in half and fringe along the folded edge. Then roll it up and fluff the loops. Use white glue to stick the hair pieces to the top of the tube.
A simple fan fold glued behind the hair piece makes a petty hair accessory. Experiment with different styles! The eyelashes are small fringed pieces of tissue that have been curled by gently running the blade of a pair of scissors along the fringe. Glue the eyelashes and a snippit of red tissue for a mouth piece to the masking tape. Using a toothpick or tweezers may help if you have trouble handling the tiny pieces.

All done! And here a a couple more pics with better views of her beautiful dancing sisters:

Now, I know you’re thinking that you’d hate to bust these gals open, but if you punch in the tissue paper from the bottom and remove the prizes from there, you won’t even notice. Of course, if you want to whack at them with a chopstick, or something, that’s cool, too!

mini pinata mariachi band

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