SONP Guest Post! Jess from Me Sew Crazy!

Good morning, No-Pantsers! I think you’re going to love this next guest post! She was one of the finalists in the Project Sewn competition, which she finished off with a beautiful dress made from Liberty of London fabric that was gifted to her by her husband on Valentine’s Day (What?! Who has a husband like that?!). I’m so lucky to have actually met Jess in person a couple of times. I’m inspired by her drive an passion, not to mention her considerable talent and skills! I’m thrilled to introduce her here today! Here’s Jess:

Hi, I’m Jess Abbott the Sewing Rabbit, author behind the Me Sew Crazy sewing blog. I was so excited to meet Marigold at Alt Summit last year, and was even more excited when we had the chance to room together over Fabric Weekend a few weeks ago! I pretty much think she rocks, and am honored to be able to guest post for her Summer of No Pants Series! After all, only Marigold could get me to take my pants off for a blog post…ummm…ha! Thanks for allowing me to be here today, and hop on over to the blog for the full post!

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