Once upon a time: little red riding hood and grandma

Today’s contributor post is from Stephanie! She’s sharing the complete instructions for this amazing Little Red Riding Hood play set in two parts: here and on The Crafty Kitty. Make sure you read it all the way to the end, because she stays true to the original Grimm tale, and it is awesome! Here’s Stephanie:

Little Red Riding Hood Storytelling waldorf doll Play Set Tutorial

This month I have been having a lot of fun, making dolls! As well as an autumn inspired doll, I decided to make a Waldorf-inspired play set for my daughter to accompany the red riding hood story. I have always been drawn to the waldorf-style doll, and I felt a connection with the idea that leaving off facial expressions can provide greater opportunities for open ended play! The little red riding hood play set is a two part tutorial, you can find one part here, with instructions and downloadable pdf pattern template for little red riding hood and her Grandma. The woodcutter and the big bad wolf, are sizing each other up, over on my blog!

little red riding hood waldorf doll tutorial

To make little red riding hood, I used:

Download your little red riding hood pdf pattern template, cut out pieces of felt and fabric and gather remaining supplies (fig. 1)

Apply glue to the hairline of the doll (fig. 2). Starting at the centre create a tight spiral with your yarn (fig. 3). Glue the ‘dress’ fabric to the doll body (fig. 4). Cut 3 lengths of yarn, tie in centre with organic cotton sewing thread (fig. 5). Plait yarn to desired length (fig. 6). Sew a plait to either side of the doll head (fig. 7).

Sew together two halves of hood (fig. 8). Sew hood to cape (fig. 9). Secure cape to doll using a few stitches to join the two sides (fig. 10). To make a basket for red riding hood, you need to collect an acorn cap. snap off the stalk, bend it and glue each end to the inside of the cap (fig. 11).

little red riding hood and big bad wolf waldorf doll tutorial
grandma waldorf doll tutorial

To make Grandma, I used:

Download your Grandma pdf pattern template, cut out pieces of fabric and gather remaining supplies (fig. 1).

Apply glue to ‘dress’ fabric (fig. 2). Wrap fabric around doll body (fig. 3). fig. 4 shows doll body assembled. Apply glue to doll head and using wavy lines, apply yarn (fig. 5). Snip hat fabric on ear lines and apply a small amount of glue to seal the edges (fig. 6). Allow to dry. Thread a needle with knitting elastic and sew close to the edge of the hat piece, gather the hat by pulling the ends of the fabric and tying a knot (fig. 7). Put Grandma’s hat on!

little red riding hood waldorf doll playset tutorial

I’m sad to tell you, that the story doesn’t end well for the big bad wolf. Well, it wouldn’t be [almost] Halloween without a grisly tale and a little bit of [felt] blood and gore!

My daughter has been busy making up her own stories with these dolls. Whilst the big bad wolf didn’t take long to snuff it, in her version… there then followed a game of pass the parcel with little red riding hood’s basket and the autumn leaf king decided to marry grandma!

Have fun with your storytelling adventures!

This post was brought to you by Stephanie!

Read the latest from Stephanie on The Crafty Kitty:

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  1. So so so amazing! We did story stones for this story a while back but this surpasses them ten fold! :) I love it and will try my hand at these…. one day! :) Saw this shared on G+ from The Crafty Crow

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