‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Here they are! Stockings are done and hung by the chimney with care. We are having a minimalist Christmas this year – what with all of our stuff still stuck in California and now not slated to get to us until probably January. Probably. Who knows?!
But I was informed that stockings were “one of the most important things” for Christmas Eve and “we’d better figure something out” or Santa would be confused. So, with the little bit of fleece and felt that I had on hand from a project I made earlier in the month, I sewed up some stockings for us. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and I do like the way these turned out. Huck requested Legos on his and Milo wanted a snowman. Dad and Mom are just lucky to have something up at all.
They are currently taped to the mantle because, well, have I mentioned my stuff is 2500 miles away right now? But, I have to say, I am so excited to have a real fireplace to hang the stocking up on this year. And the handmade Christmas decor by the kids cracks me up. We have an alien gingerbread man and multi-eyed reindeer in the mix.

Merry Christmas to all! Time for me to find a distraction for the kids because the anticipation is just too much and this day is taking far too long to end!

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  1. Lucky Mom says:

    Welcome to Virginia! sorry your stuff is still in California!

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