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I love this sewing tutorial for ice skate totes that Kelley brings to us today! Since we moved to Virginia, my whole family has been excited about a whole new world of winter fun and activities. When Kelley brought this idea to me, I thought, “Ice skating! Yes! We must try ice skating!” What’s funny is that there actually was an ice skating rink about a mile away from us in SoCal and we never went once. But now that we are here and it *feels* like winter, I am excited about trying it out. Here’s Kelley with the tutorial:

Our little town put in an itty bitty ice rink a few years ago, and I finally took my boys. In all honesty, I was nervous that I wouldn’t remember all my ice skate and rollerblading experience and would fall down. The rink is across the street from my hubby’s work, and I figured he’d be watching and laughing… I was also worried the boys would crash 3-4 times and be done with it.  Surprise: they had a blast and so did I!

We then noticed that there are hours you can use the rink if you have your own skates, “skate at your own risk.” After searching eBay and Amazon, I found some reasonable skates, and we are now set. It’s these times I wished we lived near a frozen pond. Then we could go whenever… As it is, we needed some special skate bags!


3/4 yd laminated cotton
1/2 yd fleece
36″ strap material of your choice: I use cotton webbing
12″-1/4″ braided elastic
16″ x 10″ rectangle of Peltex 72 (or other craft weight stabilizer)
sewing machine
iron and pressing cloth

useful items:
jeans needle
walking foot
bulldog clips

all seam allowances are 1/4″ unless otherwise noted.

1. Cut out the following:

2. Adhere the Peltex to the wrong side of your laminate piece “B”, using a pressing cloth and following manufacturers directions.  Note: because this is a 2 sided fusible stabilizer, use parchment paper of the side with no fabric so you don’t glue it to your ironing board…

3. With wrong sides together, sew an interior and an exterior of “C” together at the top (a 10″ side). Flip right side out.  Sew a channel 3/4″ wide from the top for inserting your elastic. This is a topstitch at 3/4″ from the top. When working with laminate and fleece, you will need to use patience and your fingers to flatten out the seam before stitching.

4. Insert 6″ piece of elastic, securing at each end with a basting stitch. Baste the 8″ sides. REPEAT with other side pieces “C”, set aside

5. With wrong sides together sew one exterior piece of “A” to exterior base “B” at the 16″ edge. Repeat with other exterior “A” piece. When open you will have this:

REPEAT with interior pieces

6. Sandwich your handles between the right sides of completed interior and exterior full bag panels. Place the end of each handle at 4″ from edge. Sew down these short ends.

7. Flip right side out and top stitch the handle sides.

** Before you move on, clip back the Peltex about 1/4″ from the 10″edges of portion “B” for easier seaming with the side pieces “C”.

8. Here is where things get difficult. With exterior sides together (right sides together) stitch your pieces “C” at sides and base, aligning the base and corners.  The inside seam will be raw on 3 sides of “C” only. Fold under the exterior panel, and the interior and exterior above piece “C”. Use a 1/2″ seam allowance on these 3 seams to be sure to catch all layers, remove basting stitches when done.

Repeat with other side, trim threads, turn right side out, add skates!


PS: This would be good for Roller Skates too!
This post was brought to you by Kelley!

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  1. Anne Weaver says:

    Awesome!! Skates are so awkward to tote around! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later today that links to your tutorial:

  2. Lara says:

    Love this! What are the dimensions of the bag? I’m wondering if it would work for ski boots or be adapted for them.

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