Fabric Scrap Rocket Ship Tutorial

Today Jenny is sharing a really fun tutorial for making a Rocket Ship softie. It would be such a sweet addition to any modern kiddos room! Here’s Jenny:

Hello everybody! 2014 is here and after seeing the fireworks on New years Eve, I knew I wanted start this year’s tutorial of with a bang! I got the idea on New Years Eve, scribbled it down in my notebook and waited until I was close to my sewing machine again. Here is what I’ve been sewing on these cold January nights: A fabric scraps Rocket tutorial.
Perfect for keeping your hands busy on dark winter nights, you know, thoose cold nights that I firmly believe we should not only endure but also deeply enjoy. In fact the winter months are a great time to snuggle up and make some crafty things come alive!
This Fabric scrap Rocket tutorial is great for those who have lots of left over fabric scraps and don´t mind when things are a bit ruff around the edges.

For me, the most important step on making this rocket ship, is gatering the fabrics scrap and putting them together. I´ve used some old fabric that for me holds a lot of memories. For example: A piece from my granma´s old dress, (I think of her everytime I see that fabric), a piece of fabric from my first trip to the middle east. etc.

When you gathered your fabric scraps it´s time for the next step: I cut out three large pieces for the body of the rocket and then sew my fabric scraps on, using zig zag.

You will need to cut out theese pattern pieces.

Arrange and rearrange the pieces until you think it´s perfect, and sew the on…

You will create 3 fins by sewing them together 2 and 2. For the fins I´ve used a fabric that dont fringe at the edges.

On the round bottom of the rocket make three long button holes, so you can attatch the flames.. Dont forget to insert the stuffing.

You can make the flames attachable if you make a T-shape at the edges. Then you easily can take them on and of, to simulate rocket launch and space travel…

This post was brought to you by Jenny!

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