Handmade Winter eBook Tour!

The holidays are over! Over! Eesh. Now what? Take down the Christmas tree? Nah…
I know! Let’s talk about Handmade Winter! Remember that eBook I contributed to? It is so full of awesome tutorials and recipes and inspiration to distract you from doing boring things like removing the stockings from the mantle and watering the poinsettia. You should buy it!
Over the month of January, many of the contributors and some other sweet bloggers will be creating projects based on Handmade Winter. It’s a book tour! Some of us are doing projects straight out of the book, and others are doing our own takes on the projects. You can catch up with the latest in this Flipboard magazine. If you’ve already picked up a copy, it’s a great place to get inspiration for variations on some of the projects!
One of the (many) projects I loved was by the always-inspiring Michelle of mollymoo. She shares a tutorial to make some cute paper mache winter woodland friends. I used her technique to make some of my favorite winter friends…
downton abbey paper mache

Do you recognize them? They are little Downton Abbey heads! That man on the left was supposed to be Carson, but he ended up looking more like Bates. And, of course, Grandmama and Lady Mary in happier times. It would be fun to make the whole cast and set them out with appetizers and tea for a Downton Abbey party.

I hope you’ll download a copy of Handmade Winter! It’s just $15, totally ad-free, and includes 50+ projects, recipes and ideas. And remember to follow along with the book tour on Flipboard!

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