How to make Superhero underpants for a doll

When I was a little girl, my grandmother made panties for all of Barbies and stuffed dolls so they wouldn’t be indecent. So I was thrilled when Stephanie approached me with the idea with this post. With this tutorial, your dolls will not only be able to maintain their modesty, but they will do it in style! Here’s Stephanie:For Christmas, I made both of my kids 16″ Waldorf dolls. [You will be able to find tutorials for doll clothing and bedding on the Birch Fabrics’ blog soon!] I was sat pondering whether it was indecent, for dolls to forego the wearing of underwear and asked my facebook fans their opinions! The resounding result was that underwear was of crucial importance, both to the dolls and the doll owners!

how to make superhero underpants for a doll

With both of my kids, going through a superhero phase, it seemed only right that their dolls be outfitted with appropriately themed underwear!

how to make superhero underpants for a doll


  • Baking parchment/pattern making paper/scrap paper
  • Pencil
  • Scraps of organic knit fabric or old t-shirts (I used a mixture!)
  • Co-ordinating organic sewing thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Freezer paper/Iron on Stabiliser Paper

Note: Make sure to use either a stretch stitch or a narrow zig zag, to allow the seams to stretch with the fabric.

Step 1
Trace the outline of your doll, marking where you want the legs and waist of the briefs to finish. Add in seam allowances on only side and crotch seams. [the waist and leg cuffs need to be finished size]

how to make superhero underpants for a doll

Step 2
Cut one set of briefs from the main fabric. Cut second pair with additional 1/2″ added to waistband and leg cuff area.

Step 3
Freehand or trace the logo design onto your freezer paper/stabiliser, cut out and iron to your main brief front.

How to make superhero underpants for a doll

Step 4
Pin together (wrong sides facing) the main brief front and contrast brief front. Sew around logo. Now cut out excess fabric from main brief front to reveal logo*. Make sure not to cut through the contrast brief fabric!!

How to make superhero underpants for a doll

Step 5
Sew contrast brief front and contrast brief back together at side and crotch seam (right sides facing). Repeat for main brief front and back.

Step 6
Fold over main brief back over contrast brief back, so you now have the contrast brief within the main brief.

Step 7
Fold the additional contrast waist and leg cuff allowance towards the edge of the main brief and then fold over again. This will give you a 1/4″ contrast edging. Top-stitch in place!

*The Superman logo is a little more complicated and requires an additional middle layer of knit fabric. Sew through all 3 layers for the diamond outline and then cut through just the top layer. Next sew around the logo cutout, outlining the yellow areas. Cut away the surrounding fabric to reveal the red parts of the logo!

How to make superhero underpants for a doll

Further ideas

  • Use this tutorial to make a plain pair of briefs, to use as part of a doll superhero costume, to give that, over the costume underwear look!
  • Use this technique to add a superhero emblem to a t-shirt, cape or even make an adult sized pair of superhero underpants (My hubby may have actually put in a request, already)!
how to make superhero underpants for a doll
na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-BAT PANTS!!
This post was brought to you by Stephanie!

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