Bubble wrap printing & how to make a circle purse

Printing with bubble wrap is such a fun activity to do, especially with kids. The results are so modern – a beautiful mix of geometric pattern and organic colors and edges. I love it! In our former home, I had bubble printed paintings made by our sons hanging up in our bedroom. For this project, Jenny takes bubble printing to fabric, and then turns it into a simple-to-sew project. I think these would make amazing gifts for kids to make for grown-ups. A little portable piece of art! Here’s Jenny with the how-to:

Did you know you can make prints and patterns using virtually everything? Using fruits and vegetables are a great way to get lovely and organic shapes on your fabric. A lot of other objects could also work as a printing stamp. Today I want to introduce you to printing with bubble wrap. Using bubble wrap is a great way to get interesting shifts and shapes on your fabric.

bubble print circle zip pouch

What you need:
Bubble wrap
Color for fabric printing.
And a zipper, if you want to make a purse of your printing.

It is important to paint the right side of the plastic bubbles, we want to be painting on the bubbly side!

I use fabric colors and mix the color with some water to get softer shades and shift on the fabric. As you may notice, the paint is quite watery on the above picture…

Turn the bubble wrap and push the bubbles down, so they face the fabric. Push evenly with your hand. You will see the paint leaving the plastic and attaching to the fabric.

Dry and don’t forget to iron on the paint.

Make a circle:

Make two:

Zig zag stitch all around the edges of the fabric circles.

Pin the zipper to the fabric with the right side of the zipper facing the right side of one fabric circle. Sew the zipper on, leaving at least 1/4″ of the zipper un-sewn at either end. Pin the second fabric circle to the other side of the zipper, right sides facing, and sew together the same way.

Open the zipper a little bit so that you can turn the pouch right-side out when you are finished sewing. With right sides still facing, pin the bottom edges together. Make sure the 1/4″ loose zipper ends are fully sticking out of the seam allowance. Starting just above where the zipper ends are sticking out of the seam allowance, sew the ends in place and continue around the bottom of the pouch, sewing over the other ends of the zipper and stopping. Turn right-side-out through the open zipper.

And Voilà, you got yourself a lovely, handmade purse.

Have fun, be creative! Let me know if you got inspired by this post. I´d love to see what you are creating!

This post was brought to you by Jenny!

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