It’s a (Virtual) Baby Shower! With Printable Invitations & A Giveaway!

Babies! I do love me some babies!
Carla from Small+Friendly and Lacy of Living on Love are both *just* about ready to welcome their new little ones into the world, and today the CreativeMamas are throwing a virtual baby shower.
First up, we needed a theme! Since Carla is having a boy and Lacy is having a girl, we needed with a gender-neutral theme. Stacy of Kids Stuff World and Amy of This Heart of Mine combed through the boards and saw that Carla was filling up her Kid Spaces board with a lot of star and space themed projects, and Lacy was pinning away clouds on her Bebe board. From that, Amy & Stacy pulled together a Celestial inspiration board and invited the rest of us to come up with projects inspired by clouds and stars.
I volunteered my husband, Steve, to illustrate and design the invitation.
star themed free printable baby shower invitation
The star-themed invitation is available as a free printable here. The PDF has two 5″x7″ invitations in mint with gold stars. There are spaces to write in the information for your shower. I printed mine with my HP Envy on white cardstock as “best photo” on a “plain paper” setting. These invitations fit into 5.25″ x 7.25″ (A7) envelopes.
You can see more of Steve’s illustration on his blog and more of Steve (literally) here.
Now it’s time for the gifts! As my gift to these lovely mamas (and to one of you!) I made some cloud pattern onesies. For Carla, who is expecting a boy, I used gold and minty blue. For Lacy, who’s expecting a girl, I went for dusty rose and gold. And the gray clouds will go to one of you! More on that later.
First, I want to tell you how I made them! I went with a super high-tech technique…potato stamping! That’s it! I carved an itty bitty cloud out of a potato and then I used my favorite metallic and pearlescent fabric paints, Jacquard Lumiere (affiliate link).

After the paint dried, I used a fine-tipped fabric marker to draw in the happy little cloud details. After 24 hours, I heat set according to the directions on the fabric paints, and they are all done!

Oh! And I did add a teensy little bit of gold fabric glitter to the gray clouds.
Would you like to win one? Good, because I’m giving away this gray clouds onesie (size 6-9 months)!

Everyone gets a free entry, and you can snag three more by following me @stinky_crafter on Instagram.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. I think I commented earlier on a FB post of yours that my ovaries hurt when I see these–SO SO adorable! I wish that either A. I had another baby who could where these or B. that I could wear them myself. Yes, you heard me–I totally want a T-shirt like this!!

    GREAT shower gifts!

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