Paper Bag Astronaut Helmet Tutorial!

paper bag astronaut helmet

This is a fun project that came about when my husband put a plastic cake dome over his face. I used the plastic dome of a store-bought two-layer cake, which was a bit too tall for this project. I show you how to cut it down in the first few steps. A single-layer cake dome would be the perfect size.

Paper Bag Astronaut Helmet

Paper grocery bag
Plastic dome, from a cake or pie container
Duck tape: silver, turquoise
White acrylic craft paint



If your cake dome is too tall, you’ll need to cut it down. I took about two inches off of the bottom of mine.


The edge will be sharp, so you’ll need to use duck tape all along the edge. Cut the tape into about 3″ pieces and place them all along the edges, folding over the raw edge.


Trace the bottom of the cake dome onto the paper grocery bag several inches above the bottom edge (you will fold up that edge later, so make sure you have enough room to fold twice). Cut about an inch or so INSIDE this line.


Snip up to the line you drew all around the circle. Make sure the dome fits snugly into this hole. Then, remove the dome and paint the bag white. Carefully fold up the bottom edge a couple of times.


Cut four 2″ strips of duck tape and place them inside the cake dome edges as shown.


Going in from the bottom of the bag, push the dome through the hole until the bottom is just inside the bag. Press the four pieces of tape up against the bag to secure the dome into the bag. Then, cut 2″-3″ strips of duck tape and tape all along the outside of the dome, making sure the tape is secured to the plastic dome and the paper bag. Tape all around the bottom edge.


If the helmet is too wide to fit on the child’s shoulders, you can pinch in the sides and add some tape until it is narrow enough to sit on the shoulders.


The bottom of my bag was wide enough to provide enough air flow for pretend play. However, if you are using this for a costume, or just want some extra air flow, I would suggest cutting or drilling some air holes into the underside of the plastic dome where they wouldn’t be so visible, but would be right under the nose and mouth.


Have fun exploring new worlds!

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