The Summer of No Pants 2014 Starts NOW!

If you are reading this while wearing pants, I want you to take them off right now! It’s time for The Summer of No Pants 2014! <<— You can follow that link to get everything you need to know for this year’s handmade style challenge (Hint: You don’t have to know how to sew this year!). That’s also the spot to grab blog buttons to show of your No Pants Pride, sign up for the newsletter and join the G+ Community. Does it seem like a lot? Too much? Let’s start easy:

1) Put on a skirt or a dress.

2) Post a pic of your pants-less self on Instagram, Twitter or the SONP G+ Community and use the hashtag #SONP2014 (and if you want to tag me, I’m @stinky_crafter )

It can be handmade, store bought, thrifted, upcyled, embellished, sparkly, plain, mini, maxi, midi, hi-lo…anything!

Oh, and I get at least one comment every year that “pants” means something totally different in British English. Just to be clear, by “pants” I mean trousers, slacks, britches, or any outer garments with two leg holes…so don’t get too excited over there across the pond! I mean, you’re free to not wear whatever you want, but let’s not share pics of that, thanks!

Are you ready? Show me those No Pants!

8 Responses to The Summer of No Pants 2014 Starts NOW!

  1. Just wondering what the background of SONP is? Sounds like fun, but for me it would be a tough habit to break :)

    • SONP started on a whim. I was in a play area with my two little boys and I looked around and noticed that every single mom was in jeans, a ratty t-shirt and hair up in a ponytail. So I decided to spend the summer in skirts and dresses in hopes that I would pay a little more attention to myself by committing to a summer of no pants. I invited readers to join in, and it took off from there!

  2. I’m one of those Brits, and must admit I when I saw your top picture thought you were some kind of nudist group! lol

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