SONP2014 Guest Post: Skirting the Issue with Simple Simon & Co.

Today I have Elizabeth of Simple Simon and Co. stopping by to share information their series, Skirting the Issue. I think it goes so perfectly with the Summer of No Pants – make a skirt for yourself, and make one for a girl in need! Read on to see what Skirting the Issue is all about, and see how you can get involved! Here’s Elizabeth:

skirting the issue
Hi everyone! I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters in law who blog at Simple Simon and Company. We are both former school teachers, turned sewing mamas who say that we have one mission, to teach the world to sew!
Every July we have an event on our blog called Skirting the Issue. Skirting the Issue is an event that liZ and I started three years ago on our blog. It is a month long event where we invite you to sew some skirts with us for girls who are in the Foster Care System to have a bit of handmade love when they go back to school in the fall. Each summer we set a goal to make and donate 100 skirts to local Foster Care Agencies all over the world.
And here’s our story behind it….
We always knew that we wanted to “do something good” with our blog and then two years ago we started planning a month long event where we could organize a giant sew along that could bring all of us together, sewing in our own homes, on our own time, but for the same cause.
After that we needed to choose a cause. On this point liZ and I went round and round and back and forth. There were so many great charities and places to sew for. But finally on one late night phone call we decided on Foster Care…and it just felt right. And it was. (Especially since both of us have a tender places in our hearts for foster kids.)
Finally with the plan complete we launched Skirting the Issue on July 2nd of 2012. And the response was wonderful. There was more than one time we called one another in tears after reading an email, a post or receiving a package in the mail. You women were amazing. And we appreciated all of your love and support.
And here we sit, two years later, still in pure awe of the fact that women all over this big, wide world would take time out of their busy lives to sew up some skirts for girls in Foster Care. It seems so real to us every single year. We swear we can see in our minds’ eye each woman and teen, sitting behind a sewing machine and putting so much love into a single skirt for a single girl. It’s awesome.
We have always known that one person can make a difference. And when you bring several hundred women on board……it is just astounding!
If you would like to join us in this project, please head HERE to find all the details of where to donate, size charts and other good information. Most people have found local agencies to donate skirts to in their local communities, which is something we love.
Thanks Marigold for having us here today!!!! Really and truly.
Elizabeth & liZ

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