Swinging Piñata Birthday Party Invitations!

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Well. It happened again. I wasn’t going to have a birthday party for Milo and, without going into too much detail, things escalated and we invited his whole Kindergarten class to our house for a piñata party.


To make these swinging piñata birthday party invitations, I used my Cricut Explore to cut out a 5×7 card with a circle opening and little piñatas.

Cricut Explore
Cardstock, 8.5 x 11 Inches
2.75″ x 3.5″ Party information card printed on cardstock
Piñata invitation SVG file
4″ X 6″ Clear Resealable Zipper Poly Bags
1/4-Inch Masking Tape
Crafting cord


I designed a little piñata and used my Cricut Explore to cut out the cards. You can use my SVG file in the Cricut design space to make 5×7 invitations. I used different colors of cardstock, and then mix-and-matched the main invitation color and piñata colors. I used a couple of different colors of washi tape and stuck a small piece of twine to the donkey’s back. Then, I repeated the washi tape color combo on the other side of the donkey. I used a narrow strip of tape to stick the twine above the circle cut out so the piñata would hang freely in the center of the circle. Snip off any extra twine coming out of the top.


I then filled a baggie with confetti and cut it to fit behind the open circle. I used tape to stick down all four sides, making sure to seal the open top.

I then glued a white piece of 5×7 cardstock behind the baggie. Then I glued the little info card below the circle.

The completed invitation was a little excessive, but incredibly cute. Milo just loved it! I made a few more fun projects for the party, and I’ll share those with you soon!

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  1. Just love it!! Will do a piñata theme party for my turning-three year old and this is just perfect!! And yes, it might be a bit excessive, but we love our kids so much that then it is okay, right? ;))-

    Thank you for the great idea!!

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