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Shark Week Sale! INdiscreet cozies on dreadful girl


It’s Shark Week! This is my biggest sale of the year next to Black Friday/Cyber Monday and your best chance to snag an INdiscreet cozy at my lowest price. Here are all of the ways to save big during Shark Week:

Buy 1 INdiscreet cozy and take $3 OFF your total purchase with the code: SHARK3
Buy 2 INdiscreet cozies and take $8 OFF your total purchase with the code: SHARK8
Buy 3 INdiscreet cozy and take $15 OFF your total purchase with the code: SHARK15
Follow @stinky_crafter on Instagram and look out for Flash Sales all week.
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Here’s what’s in the shop right now:


Dreadful Girl! White Sale! Free Shipping with Code!

Dreadful Girl is open for the 2013 holiday season! I’m kicking it off with a White Sale. Use the code WHTSLE and get free shipping (including international!) now thru the end of October. All pouches in the shop right now are bone white with different colorful zippers. I’ve also introduced some new phrases. Shop Dreadful Girl now and cross some ladies off of your list early this year!


A Giveaway and The Blog Hop Returns!

There are two really fun things happening next week that I want to tease you with today. The first is my very first giveaway on someone else’s blog! 
I’ll be giving away one of my INdiscreet pad + tampon cozies on Hot Mess Princess on Monday, February 4th. You’ll be able to choose one of the four colorways above and customize it with your favorite INdiscreet phrase. And if you don’t want to take any chances, I’ll be uploading to the shop on that same Monday. Make sure you are signed up for an email alert so you can “shop” before the upload and get the cozy you want.
Up next…It’s coming back!

If you’ve missed the Eat Make Grow Blog Hop, you’ll be glad to hear that it will be back next week, with a few changes. Foy from Foy Update will kick us off next Thursday with our new format. Instead of a weekly, anything-goes hop, we’re going to do monthly, themed hops instead. You’ll still have a lot of choices, and we welcome posts old and new, so long as they fit into the theme and include something you made with your own hands. Foy, Miranda and I will rotate hosting duties monthly, but your links and our featured bloggers will show up on all three blogs. I hope you’ll be inspired by the themes we have chosen, and will share all of the amazing things from your kitchens, craft rooms and gardens!

Easy Washi Tape Gift Wrap

I recently ordered a bunch of washi tape from The Sewing Post on Etsy and I’ve been having lots of fun with it. I never bought it before because whole rolls are kind of pricey, and I wanted tons of different colors and couldn’t decide what to get. But this shop lets you buy smaller, sample spools and so I picked up 15 assorted rolls of 1 yard each for about $15. And there’s, like 220-something choices of colors and patterns. (By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post. I didn’t receive any money or free product. I just thought it was a good deal and the shipping was quick and everything, so I wanted to share a great Etsy find!)
So, anyway, our little nephew just had his first birthday party and I this is how I wrapped his gift. The washi tape adds such fun, bright pops of color to plain brown kraft wrapping paper. The bunting detail was super easy, too, made with a Sharpie and triangles of washi tape.

Black Friday!

Dreadful Girl is open for Black Friday weekend! This is ALL of my stock (minus a few reserved for flash sales). I may have one more itty bitty upload (maybe 10 bags) before Christmas, but if you want a cozy, now is the time to get them!

Guest Post! Costume Making Tips with Marissa of Rae Gun Ramblings!

Today I have a real, live pro-fessional costume maker for you! Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings has visited here before with an upcycled dress tutorial of the Summer of No Pants and a crazy Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake recipe (yeah, you should definitely check that one out). Today she’s going to share some tips on how toContinue Reading

Dreadful Girl

I opened up a new Etsy shop called Dreadful Girl! This shop is a little bit more…maturely themed than Stinky Boy. Hmm. That makes it sound like I’m carrying porn or something. I’m not! Rest assured! It does carry indiscreet zip pouches for your feminine products. Some are kinda cringe-worthy, but those seem to beContinue Reading

Bottoms Up! A Costume Round-Up for the Rear!

Source: via Marigold on Pinterest Peacock Feather Baby Butt! Source: via Marigold on Pinterest Felt Mermaid Tail! Source: via Lynn on Pinterest Wolf Tail! Source: via Marigold on Pinterest Dinos and/or Dragons! Source: via Leah on Pinterest My Little Pony Tail! My Wonderful Sponsors!Miranda R. Mueller Original art for childrenContinue Reading

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